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Privacy Policy

We Essotto Private Limited, its affiliates, and subsidiaries—hereinafter referred to as Essotto, "we," "us," or "our"—strive to offer our visitors the aforementioned services. Essotto also includes its subsidiaries, and affiliates, is the issuer of this privacy statement, which applies to data gathered and processed by us when conducting business. Through your use of this Site, we may gather and utilise your information. To provide additional information about how we gather and manage your information, we have produced this Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy explains our practices regarding the personal information we collect when you visit or use our hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, salons, etc. and our website, mobile applications, or other online products and services, or when you fill out a form and join one of our loyalty programmes. We understand that privacy is important to our guests. We will safeguard your personal information in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection regulations. Additionally, it outlines the reasons for which we gather such personal information, the parties with whom we might share it, and the security precautions we take with regard to your data. Additionally, it explains your choices and rights in relation to your personal data, as well as how to get in touch with us to ask questions about our privacy policies.

Before using or visiting our site, you are urged to carefully read this privacy notice.


These explanations are used in this privacy notice:


Essotto collects Data for various purposes set out in this Privacy Notice.

Essotto gathers data for a variety of reasons that are detailed in this privacy notice.

Without limitation, the following categories are included in this data:

  1. Contact details, such as first and last name, email address, postal code, nation, phone number, and other like information.
  2. Technical data, usage of websites, devices, and mobile apps; IP addresses; and similar data gathered automatically using cookies, pixels, and similar technologies. This could also include the data required by law enforcement. When you request goods and/or services directly from us or take part in a programme, we collect information about your account, including your membership number and registration details.
  3. Financial information, including details about payment methods, transactions, transaction history, preferences, methods of payment, modes of payment, and other comparable data. Transaction details, including the date of the transaction, the amount involved, and other relevant information.
  4. Your evaluations, comments, and viewpoints on our services, programmes, and products.
  5. Information on your loyalty programme membership, account information, profile or login information, and partner programme affiliation etc.
  6. Other information, which may include special category personal data, such as age, sex, date of birth, marital status, country of citizenship, information about government-issued identification documents, occupation.


We gather data in the manner listed below:

  1. Information: We receive and keep any data you enter on our website, in our mobile application, or voluntarily provide to us in any other way (e.g., at our stores, hotels, kiosks).
  2. Automatic Information: When you interact with us, we automatically collect some types of information through "cookies," "pixels," and other similar technologies.
  3. Email communications: When you open email from us or click on a link inside it, we frequently get a confirmation (if your device has such capabilities). By clicking the unsubscribe link in every marketing email, you can decide not to receive emails from us.
  4. We Gather Information from Other Websites: When you engage with third-party websites that make use of our technology or with whom we have a formal arrangement, we collect and retain certain types of information.
  5. We could get information from other sources: This can happen when you allow a third-party website to communicate with our website or mobile application directly in order to send or receive information about you. You have a choice in how we collect and utilise your Data. You might want to view, modify, or delete your Data via our website or mobile application, for instance. You have the option to refuse providing Data when prompted.


Depending on how you use our stores, website, or mobile application, Essotto may gather your Data in a variety of ways.

  1. When you register with us.
  2. When you use our website, mobile application, or store to make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase.
  3. When you respond to surveys we conduct or that we commission.
  4. If you choose to receive messages from us, including offers for promotions.
  5. From the data collected during your visit to our websites or mobile applications.


  1. When you use our mobile application or visit our website, we automatically collect some information.

    By using this data, we can enhance our content and navigation. Your IP address is among the data automatically gathered.

  2. IP addresses, operating system information, browsing information, device information, and language settings are all collected by our site servers or affiliates that offer analytics and performance enhancement services.

    The number of visits, typical time spent on the site, pages visited, and comparable data are all aggregated using this data. Essotto makes use of this data to monitor site usage, increase the operation of our website or mobile application, assure safety and security, and improve content.

  3. Using pixels or cookies, we may automatically collect your data.


The following are some uses of data that we may put to use:

  1. (a) Carrying out our obligations under any agreements we have with you.
  2. (b) Offer you goods and/or services and communicate with you about those goods and/or services.
  3. (c) Process, disclose, transmit, and/or share the Data with partners and other third parties who have business or contractual relationships with us.
  4. (d) Produce aggregated data to develop insights to help us analyze consumer behavior, patterns, and trends in order to learn more about your preferences or other characteristics.
  5. (e) Operate, assess, and enhance our business, website, and mobile application.
  6. (f) In connection with loyalty programmes owned and run by us.
  7. (g) In connection with marketing and promotional initiatives based on your profile.
  8. (h) Enforce the rules of use of our website and mobile application.
  9. (i) Interact with you (including in response to your requests, questions, feedback, claims, or disputes); and
  10. (j) Modify and improve our services.
  11. (k) Safeguard information security and fraud, as well as other legal and financial concerns; and
  12. (l) Carry out additional purposes for which we specifically disclose them at the time of collection, as well as those made possible or mandated by applicable legislation.

We may need to make sure that your data processing is justified as required by applicable data protection laws. We can process your data in a variety of ways that are permitted by law. These are listed below:

  1. I. When managing your Data is required for us to carry out our obligations arising from any agreements, we may have with you: If you enter into a contract with us in relation to one of our product or service offerings, we may handle certain Data about you in order to fulfill our contractual obligations.
  2. Where processing of your data is permitted by our legitimate interests: Unless your interests or the interests of a third party are superseded by your interests or the interests of your fundamental rights or freedoms that necessitate the protection of your Data, we may handle some Data where it is required for the purposes of our or a third party's legitimate interest.
  3. For the sake of advancing our legitimate interests, we may process your information in the following ways:
    1. Upholding our website and mobile application's terms of usage.
    2. Producing aggregated data to create insights that help us comprehend customer behavior, patterns, and trends in order to discover more about your preferences or other traits.
    3. Enhancing and making sure that our mobile apps and website function properly.
    4. Enhancing your experience on our website and mobile application by offering you deals, personalized services, and recommendations.
    5. Defending against and preventing risks related to law or information security, fraud, unlawful behavior, injury, financial loss.
    6. Delivering offers and privileges to you as well as marketing and advertising campaigns depending on your profile.
    7. Interacting with you, including addressing any requests, inquiries, comments, complaints, or disagreements you may have, and customizing and improving, operating, evaluating and improving our business.
    8. In conjunction with loyalty programs owned and administered by us. Processing, disclosing, sending, and/or sharing the Data with other third parties who have business or contractual relationships with us.
    9. In certain circumstances, where required under relevant Data Protection Laws, we will seek to obtain your consent before we undertake certain processing activities with your Data. You have the right to withdraw your consent to these activities.
  4. Further, where required under relevant Data Protection Laws, we will only process special category personal data’ (as defined under Data Protection Laws) if there is a valid legal basis, which might involve obtaining your explicit consent.
  5. Where we use or share your Data on behalf of another entity (i.e., the controller) as part of our services offered to that entity, we do so under the instructions of that entity and that entity is responsible for ensuring that there is a legal basis for us to use or share your Data on its behalf (if such legal basis is required under relevant Data Protection Laws).


We do not provide any goods or services for use by children on our website or mobile application. Only your parent or legal guardian can use our website or mobile application if you are under the age of 18 years.


For the purposes of applicable Data Protection Laws, we may share your data in the following ways (and do so either in our capacity as a controller in our own right or in our capacity as a processor acting on behalf of and pursuant to the instructions of another entity in accordance with our obligations under our agreement with that entity) Partners:

  1. (a) For usage on or through our website or mobile application, we might make available to your services, goods, or software offered by Partners. If you decide to use such services, goods, or software, the Partner may get data pertaining to those usage.
  2. (b) We might give your data to service providers who might acquire and process data as part of their respective services. Examples include data storage and analysis, system protection and security, search results and linkages, customer support, credit analysis, processing your data for user profiling, payment processing, and credit analysis.
  3. These Service Providers shall be obligated to only process Data as directed by us. By putting in place the necessary technical and organisational security measures, the Service Providers will also be obligated to protect the security and confidentiality of the Data they process.

  4. (c) As we expand our enterprise, we may sell or acquire subsidiaries or business divisions. As part of such transactions, Your Data (including that pertaining to loyalty programmes) may be transferred.
  5. (d) We must operate and maintain the security of our website or mobile application, including to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or networks, or we must comply with relevant law or react to legitimate legal process. Your Data will be shared in accordance with the procedures outlined in this Privacy Notice.


We will take administrative and technical precautions to protect your Data, and we store your Data on secure servers. Measures to address any suspected data breach are included in the technical and organisational measures. Please alert us by email as soon as you detect any abuse, loss, or unauthorized access to your Data.


Essotto retains Data for as long as is required to use our products and/or services, to provide access to and use of our website or mobile application, or for other essential purposes like complying with our legal obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing our agreements, as well as for as long as processing and retaining your Data is required for our legitimate interests. Actual retention times can vary greatly because these requirements can change for various data types and uses.

Your Data may continue to exist on backup or archive media for audit, legal, tax, or regulatory purposes even after we delete it, including as a result of the exercise of your right.


You could have different rights in connection to the Data that we keep about you, depending on the laws of the nation whose laws are relevant to you. Please use the below provided contact details to get in touch with us about any of your rights under data protection laws. We will work to respond to your request as quickly as possible and, in any case, within any time frames stipulated by data protection laws (subject to any extensions to which we are lawfully entitled). Please be aware that we may keep a record of your communications in order to aid in the resolution of any problems you raise. If it's permissible for us to do so, we may reject your request.

The following rights in connection to your Data may be yours:

  1. Right to Confirm and Access - You have the right to request confirmation of the Data we currently have on file about you as well as its modification, updating, or deletion at any time. A copy of the information we have on you may also be requested by you.
  2. Right to Rectification - You have the right to ask us to update any erroneous or incomplete information we may have about you, including by sending us a supplemental statement.
  3. The Right to Be Forgotten - In some situations, you have the right to ask that we "forget" your Data.
  4. Right to Restrict Our Use of your Data - you have the right to request that we restrict our processing of your Data in certain circumstances, for example if you dispute the accuracy of the Data that we hold about you or you object to our processing of your Data (including where we process your Data for our legitimate interests, where permitted under applicable law).
  5. Right to Object: If we are processing your data for a specific reason, you have the option to object to that processing. You have the right to request that we transfer your Data to another third party.
  6. Right to Data Portability: Only specific categories of Data are covered by this right to data portability.
  7. Right to Withdraw Consent: In cases where we have obtained your consent to process your data for specific purposes, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. In that case, we will stop carrying out the specific activity to which you had previously given your consent, unless we believe that there is an alternative legal basis for doing so.
  8. The ability to file complaints - This is a legal option. To get in touch with us about these rights, or for more information about managing your Data and promotional communications, please use the contact details set out in the section below, titled “How to Contact Us”.

It is important that the Data we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your personal information changes during the period for which we hold it.


We make efforts to ensure that your Data is handled in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Notice and any applicable legal requirements.

We have put in place suitable contractual arrangements with partners, and service Providers that we share your Data with to make sure that it is adequately protected.


Any provision of this privacy notice (or portion of a provision) that a court or other competent authority finds to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable will be deemed to be deleted to the extent necessary, and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this privacy notice will not be impacted.


Certain Cookies may be placed and accessed by our mobile application and website on your device. In order for our systems to recognize your device, we transfer unique identifiers called cookies to your device. In order to enhance your experience using our website and mobile application, we also employ pixels and other comparable technologies to analyze traffic.

You will be shown a pop-up box alerting you of our use of Cookies and requesting your approval for such usage when you first visit our website and mobile application. If you want to prevent the pop-up screen from appearing on all of your future visits to our website and mobile application, you can modify your web browser software.


We are continually evolving, and as a result, so will our Privacy Notice. Unless you have told us otherwise, we may send you e-mail reminders of our notices and conditions from time to time, but you should visit our website and mobile application frequently to see any most recent updates. As soon as the latest version is available, it will take effect. To stay informed about how we are protecting your information, we encourage you to often review this Privacy Notice.


Please send us an email at info.essotto@gmail.com. to make a request to examine, update, or remove your personal information or to get in touch with us in any other way. In accordance with this Privacy Notice and any relevant laws, we may share your Data with Service Providers, Partners. To learn more about these parties, please contact us within ……days, we will respond to your request.